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We are seniors who care about others. We have spent most our lifes helping people. Our years of experience has given us wisdom and know how to help in many ways. We have been married for over 50 years and we have grand kids. We visit nursing homes and connect with seniors several times a week. We listen to what they have to say and stay on top of needs and wants.

Seniors Real Estate Specialist – SRES

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We have full access to the following to help in any way with referrals as requested..
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Area Agencies on Aging
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How things work when its time to move. Here is an example on how we helped a family.

Professionals Make Moving Easier & Faster

Moving from a long-time residence does not need to be overwhelming or lengthy. By engaging professionals you can increase efficiency, minimize stress, benefit from expert advice and move quickly. One of our clients was in their new home 27 days after making the decision to move.

Below is the timeline of a move by one couple. They had lived in their home over 40 years and had contemplated moving to be closer to their sons in two or three years. We supplied them with suggestions for senior communities 8 days prior to this timeline. Then, after a fall in the garden, a trip to the emergency room and a sore knee, moving sooner started to look more attractive.

The Timeline
This is a summary of their significant moving dates.
Day 1 – The “wake-up” fall occurs.
Day 2 – Toured communities and fell in love with one.
Day 5 – Consulted again with our specializes regarding resources to facilitate their move.
Day 6 – Met with us who explained the process, timing and market dynamics.
Day 7 – Revisited their favorite community and saw a lovely apartment that was newly available. Put down a deposit.
Day 8 – Signed listing agreement with us.
Day 9 – Introduced a move management company, which signed an agreement with them to help with packing, moving and clean-up. For the next few days the move manager came to the house to pack and sort items that were then shipped to their children and
to the new apartment.
Day 27 – Moved into their new apartment.
Elapsed time was 27 days from the decision to move until the actual move-in.
Day 30 – Move management company finishes cleaning all remaining items from the house.
Days 33-43 – Crew, supervised by us, did painting, landscaping and staging of the home and it is offered for sale.
Day 54 – The house was sold and entered into escrow.
Day 71 – Escrow closed.

So, how quickly can a move occur? In this case 71 days from the day they decided to move this couple received the proceeds from the sale of their home and they had already made new friends, found a new hiking trail, and were spending their time engaging and enjoying life instead of raking the leaves in their former yard.

And in their own words, “We both agree, we are very glad we made the effort to move while we were still healthy. Our move to a very comfortable, independent living retirement apartment works.”

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