Do you know the difference between passive selling and active marketing? Until you do, you won’t even have a chance of selling in today’s market

Dear Home Seller,

Based on information obtained from the Multiple Listing Service, it has come to the attention of hundreds of real estate agents that your home is no longer available for sale, and your phone is probably ringing off the hook with calls from agents who promise to do a better job and have the formula to get your home sold if you only give them a chance.  And I bet you’re asking yourself…

Where were all these agents 90 days ago?

It’s a fair question.

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t all that simple.

The most common answer you’ll hear is “your price is too high.”  And while that is sometimes the case, it is only one of many possible reasons which may be responsible for your home not selling during its original listing period.

You may feel, deep down, that a lot more could have been done…

Let me just say this: I am absolutely certain that your agent did everything he or she knew to do in order to get your home sold.  Chances are they did their level best.  Would it surprise you to learn it may not be the agent’s fault at all?  But it’s certainly not your fault either, is it?

Here’s what I mean.  Things have changed and so have the strategies used in marketing real estate.  Do you know the difference between passive selling and active, innovative marketing?

Passive selling is what we used to do in real estate.  Put up a sign, place the property on the Multiple Listing Service and wait for the Buyer to come to us.  And if that didn’t work we might hold an Open House or place an ad in the newspaper.  Sound familiar?

Or we call it the three Ps.   Put on the market.  Put a sign up. Pray that someone will come.

These methods simply are not enough in today’s marketplace.  I’ll bet that no one knows that better than you at this point.

Now, as for active, innovative marketing, in a nutshell this is the type of marketing that is working.

It requires you or your agent to actively and aggressively seek out, hunt down and draw out the most likely buyer for your home.  The targeted buyer if you will.  The targeted buyer (which is always the right buyer) will pay the most money for your home.


Because they’re the one person that appreciates and is looking for what you were when you bought. They would have probably made the same improvements you did.  Therefore everything you’ve done to the home has value to them.  Makes a lot of sense doesn’t it?

So, passive selling is waiting and hoping.  Active marketing on the other hand is the exact opposite.  It is making things happen by taking action that produces results.

After all, results are the only things that count.

So the question becomes how in the heck do we make things happen?

Well, to start with you need to do things a lot  different. Something “out of the ordinary”.  You see, by doing things differently your home will get noticed!  Realize that your home is competing against some 3,000 Properties that are for sale Right Now.


                    What we have no one has!

We spend thousands per month on marketing our clients properties.

  1. We have  staff who calls areas looking for buyers 4 hours a day 5 days a week.
  2. We list 5 to 10 homes a week. Most Realtors would list 9 to 12 a year.
  3. With all our listings, we get thousands of calls from buyers.

We have several more marketing tools, and we would love to share them with you.

There is a reason we are one of the Top Real Estate Team in Sacramento and Placer counties.

That’s why it is absolutely critical to realize whether you hire us, another agent, or sell your home yourself, that in today’s world we are all exposed to almost 1,000 messages to buy or sell everyday therefore it is vitally important that you implement the most active, innovative and aggressive marketing efforts you can or hire someone who can! We can and we are doing it.  We take out all the worry and you get your home SOLD.

About now you may be wondering why doesn’t everyone do this type of marketing. We really don’t know, other than awareness.

Active marketing is what will get your home sold for the most money, in the quickest amount of time, and with the least amount of hassle to you.

Depending on how fat you want your home sold. We have one marketing system that we will guarantee to get you multiple offers in 10 days or less or we will pay you $500.  We call it our sell it fast and sell it for more program.  Maybe its too fast for you? We can explain this program to you.

 You Don’t Have To Wait Until Next Spring…

 …or for interest rates to drop

…or for consumer confidence to return, or the deficit to disappear

…or for any of the other earth shattering events to occur…

… To Sell Your Home…

 If you are really serious about selling your home… if you really want it sold for the most money, in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of headache and hassle call us.

We would be happy to drop by and share with you everything we know and exactly what it will take to get your home sold.

If you decide to hire us for the job, great.  If not, at least you’ll have enough information to make an informed decision.

We imagine if we were in your position we’d feel like the last thing we wanted to do was talk to another real estate agent, and you really aren’t alone.  Fact is, some of our most satisfied customers have felt the same way you’re feeling right now.

Like you, they had a very disheartening experience attempting to sell their home the first time around using the “conventional” marketing methods, the “traditional” real estate selling techniques that worked fine in the 80’s and 90’s but are simply not enough in the year 2017 and behold.

And you know what they found?  That as they think back, it all started  with the first step.  They picked up the phone because what we were telling them made perfect sense.  Most people recognize the truth when they hear it.

Over and over again we hear this: “We almost didn’t call you Paul & Ginger.  It scares me to think about where we would be right now if we hadn’t.  Thank you for helping us get what we needed so that we could finally get on with our lives

Please, Do Not Relist Your Home Until You

Meet With Us And Get All The Information You Need.

 It only takes a few minutes, doesn’t cost you a dime, and we  promise to keep our time together short, factual, and very, very informative.  Maybe even entertaining!   (No guarantees on that one!)

Speaking of guarantees… let me ask you: Did your previous agent offer you a guarantee?  Not that your home would sell – that’s impossible – but, rather, in the event you were not absolutely, 100% satisfied with their service, with them actually doing everything they promised they would do – did they offer you a guarantee that if you weren’t satisfied, for whatever reason, you could cancel the listing agreement?  No if’s, and’s or but’s about it? We DON’ T sign a long-term agreement and we can explain to you how our service couldn’t not cost you a dime in some cases. You’re in control. Fair enough?

We also ad this feature!

You see, we don’t believe that as a professional – we should have to resort to “locking” someone into a long-term-deal without any way for you to terminate or fire them if the job isn’t getting done.

If we say we  are  going to do something – then by all means, we should be held accountable for doing it, shouldn’t we?

We think so.

After all, results are what count.


You can’t take promises to the bank.  (Well, you can but what good will it do ya?)

And you certainly can’t cash an equity check with good looks and sales hype.

You need action.  Action that ends with results.  The results you want and need.  Anything short of that just isn’t enough.

Fair enough?  We’re up for the challenge.

So let us suggest that you hop up right now (not later) and

give us a call at 916-677-7446.

We’re not long-winded (thank goodness).  It’ll only take about 15-20 minutes.   If it takes longer than that, it will only be because you have more questions.  Fair enough?

Well, we hope we’ve got you thinking…

If so, then we’ve done our job.

Most people don’t think at a time like this – they panic.  They react.

You’re different.  You’ve taken a proactive stance.

How do we know?

That’s easy… you’ve read this letter (and that took a bit of your valuable time).

If you can do that, then you certainly can pick up the phone and call us, can’t you?

What’s the worst thing that could happen…we spend a few minutes learning?

Last we heard…that was good!

So go ahead.  Call us  while everything is fresh on your mind. 1-916-677-7446.

We are waiting for your call!

 We’re  sure you have plenty of questions.

Let’s talk.


Paul & Ginger Conti

Serving the community for over 40 years

Realty ONE Complete



“Serving the Area for 38 Years”

P.S.  If you have already listed with another agent, please disregard this letter.

It is not  meant to be a solicitation.

P.S.S.  Remember it won’t take a heck of a lot of time to explain our step-by-step marketing system in detail.  Where we go from there (if anywhere) is totally up to you.  No pressure.  No hassle.  Free information.  Call