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Our Story After 54 Years

It has been a while since we have talked, or we may have just met, so Ginger and I wanted to follow up with you to share a little bit more about our story.

In our 54 years together, Ginger and I have experienced a lot. From my humble beginnings as a tow truck driver and auto body technician to my recent adventures as a Harley Davidson riding Santa Claus, and everything in between, we have been through it side by side.

Even though we’ve seen it all, I think the most important thing to share with you is how it all started. Way back in the beginning of us.

It was summer in San Jose, so I was cruising around town with a couple of friends in my lowered ‘57 DeSoto. It had a sierra gold bottom with a root beer brown top that I painted myself. It was a sweet ride. My car was my baby. Until that day in 1965. That was the day it all changed for me.  That’s the day I met her.

I was seventeen and had long hair (now I have none!), so I thought I was a pretty cool guy just rollin’ around town listening to tunes on the DeSoto’s custom stereo. I’m don’t know exactly what I was listening to, but I’m sure it was the music of the time, what we call “the Oldies” now.

For the purposes of this story, we’ll say I had “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feelin’” by the Righteous Brothers playing in the tape deck when I pulled up to the end of the strip in my DeSoto and parked at the Dairy Bell drive-up hamburger joint. If you are our age, you remember this kind of place, but if this was before your time, think “Sonic,” but local.

Anyway, I parked in one of the spots, pushed the black button on the old silver intercom and ordered a chocolate milkshake.  Then I saw her.  She was sitting at a table across the restaurant from us with a group of girls. She was a pretty thing. “Ooh la la,” I thought in my head.  I knew that she was it!

Now if you know me, you know that I am a confident guy with the gift of gab. I was going to talk to this girl, but I couldn’t really think of what to say. That was a new experience for me.  Should I ask, “Do you come here often?” No, that wasn’t it. “Can I buy you a drink?” wouldn’t work. How about, “You got a light?” Definitely not.

Finally, I settled on, “Hi, I’m Paul. What’s your name?”

“Ginger,” she told me and blushed a little. She and her girls giggled. She introduced me to them, and they turned out to be her cousins.

We all hung out and talked for a while, then I asked her, “can I give you a ride home?” They all whispered among themselves. “Sure,” she answered with a smile.

That was probably one of the proudest moments of my life full of proud moments.

The funny thing is, once we all piled into my old baby the DeSoto, the trip to Ginger’s destination was a short one. Only a half a block!

But in my eyes, that was a good sign, so I asked her if she’d go out with me on a date that night. She accepted. We went to the beach and had a fabulous time. The rest, as they say, is history!

Ginger and I got married two years later, in 1967. I worked a couple blue collar jobs for the next ten years, advancing to management roles in both. Then one day, I decided to go into real estate. Ginger thought it was a good idea, so I walked away from the stability and comfort of my jobs, with 4 kids and just $3,000 in the bank!

It was a leap of faith, but in 1977 I earned my Realtor’s License, and never looked back. I applied my blue-collar work ethic and quickly became the number one agent in the office. Forty-two years later, I’m still going strong.

About twenty years after I started in the business, my wife became more than my life partner, she also became my partner in business. In 1997, our kids had all moved out of the house. Ginger came with me to one of my listings that was vacant.

“I think I can do something with this place. It’s so empty. So cold,” Ginger told me. She was always restyling our own house, so we had a lot of stuff out in the garage. She went home got a box and fixed it up. It sold right away. We knew we were onto something. We were two of the first people in the staging business.

In my real estate career, I’ve sold over 1,500 houses and Ginger has staged 550 of them. She’s been so prolific in the field that she’s been the leader of numerous organizations, worked with a couple of television shows, and even wrote a book titled, “The Art of Home Staging,” that has done really well in sales.

About five years ago, Ginger and I moved to Rocklin to be closer to our daughter and grandkids. We didn’t know anyone when we got here, so I took a year and a half to get to know everyone.

Paul loves to give back to the community.

I was the Ambassador of the Year at the Rocklin Chamber. I am a full-fledged volunteer for the Rocklin police and fire department. I am on the board of the Rotary Club as the community service director. I even play Santa Claus at the local Senior Homes and Schools. The community in Rocklin has welcomed us and now this is our home! When you choose us to represent you with your real estate needs, you’re not just getting a realtor and a stager, you’re getting friends for life. We have been in this business for over four decades, so I’ve seen most of the problems and I know most of the answers, but I am not going to let it go that far. Because we are here to handle it for you.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our story. If you are ready to reach for new horizons, turn to professionals you can count on for the kind of service you deserve and are willing to put you first. Paul and Ginger would love the opportunity to help you buy or sell a home or income property and welcome the opportunity to connect with you.

Looks like history is repeating its self. I’m back into classic cars and Ginger and I are now listening to the Righteous Brothers in one of our Chevys.


Paul & Ginger Conti


Realty ONE Infinity


Possible Types of Turbulence or Stunts You Could Encounter… When Buying or Selling a Home

This has been Brought to you by Paul Conti – RE/MAX Gold – 916-677-7446.  After 43 Years Selling Real Estate, we have encountered all of these and more and wanted to share them with you.

“If You or A Friend or Relative Needs Our Services”

88 Possible Types of Turbulence or Stunts You

Could Encounter… When Buying or Selling a Home

Buying or selling a home is like taking an airline flight across the country. When you start on your trip, you have no idea how the trip will go. Neither does the pilot. You could run into 88 different types of turbulence, or other passengers on the trip could pull stunts on you. Ideally, you should have a smooth flight and land on time. Certainly, the pilot will try to use his or her experience to navigate around the storms and go for the smoothest flight plan, but if they’re honest, they can’t promise a turbulent-free trip. Their job is to get you to your destination in the least time and with the least

aggravation, while keeping you informed throughout the trip. Attached is a somewhat humorous list of the 88 different types of turbulence or stunts we might run into. This list is not all encompassing, but it catches most of the common issues we might run into. While some of the items are “picky” to some, they are very real and fearful to others.

Please take a few minutes to review the list.

As a REALTOR, we see ourselves as the pilot of your plane. Our job is to assist you in getting your home sale on time and with the fewest aggravations. We can’t promise you no turbulence, or that other parties to the transaction won’t try and pull a few stunts, but I can promise you that I’ll utilize my experience and expertise to take you on the smoothest flight that we can. And if we do hit turbulence, we won’t bail out on you. We’ll be your teammate throughout the flight, until we get you safely to your destination. Rest assured your advocacy is our number one goal, after 40 years selling real estate, we can handle these turbulences and many time head them before they happen. Experience make things smooth and easy. Never hire an amateur or a friend who sells may one home or a few per year. This means you must be delighted with the product and service we deliver beyond your expectations during the process. As always, should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call Paul.

All our best,

Paul & Ginger Conti, CRS, IRDN


P.S. We love referrals and we rely on your recommendations and endorsements to family members, friends and co-workers who are like you, and who would enjoy receiving the level of service we are providing you! That’s why we give 110%

88 Possible Types of Turbulence or Stunts You Could Encounter… See Why You Need an Expert!

The Buyer/Borrower:

1. Does not tell the truth on the loan application.

2. Submits incorrect information to the lender.

3. Has recent late payments on credit report.

4. Found out about additional debt after loan application.

5. Borrower loses job.

6. Co-borrower loses job.

7. Income verification lower than what was stated on loan application.

8. Overtime income not allowed by underwriter for qualifying.

9. Applicant makes large purchase on credit before closing.

10. Illness, injury, divorce or another financial setback during escrow.

11. Lacks motivation.

12. Gift donor changes mind.

13. Cannot locate divorce decree.

14. Cannot locate petition or discharge of bankruptcy.

15. Cannot locate tax returns.

16. Cannot locate bank statements.

17. Difficulty in obtaining verification of rent.

18. Interest rate increases, and borrower no longer qualifies.

19. Loan program changes with higher rates, points and fees.

20. Child support not disclosed on application.

21. Borrower is a foreign national.

22. Bankruptcy within the last 2 years.

23. Mortgage payment is double the previous housing payment.

24. Borrower/co-borrower does not have steady 2-year employment history.

25. Borrower brings in handwritten pay stubs.

26. Borrower switches to job requiring probation period just before closing.

27. Borrower switches to job from salary to 100% commission income.

28. Borrower/co-borrower/seller dies.

29. Family members or friends do not like the home buyer chooses.

30. Buyer is too picky about property in price range they can afford.

31. Buyer feels the house is misrepresented.

32. Veterans DD214 form not available.

33. Buyer has spent money needed for down payment and closing costs and

comes up short at closing.

34. Buyer does not properly “paper trail” additional money that comes from

gifts, loans, etc.

35. Does not bring cashier’s check to title company for closing costs and

down payment.

The Seller: (A pit fall for a buyer when buying your home)

36. Loses motivation to sell (job transfer does not go through, reconciles

marriage, etc.)

37. Cannot find a suitable replacement property.

38. Will not allow appraiser inside home.

39. Will not allow inspectors inside home in a timely manner.

40. Removes property from the premises the buyer believed was included.

41. Is unable to clear up liens against their property – short on cash to


42. Did not own 100% of property as previously disclosed.

43. Thought getting partners signatures were “no problem,” but they were.

44. Leaves town without giving anyone Power of Attorney.

45. Delays the projected move-out date.

46. Did not complete the repairs agreed to in contract.

47. Seller’s home goes into foreclosure during escrow.

48. Misrepresents information about home & neighborhood to the buyer.

49. Does not disclose all hidden or unknown defects and they are

subsequently discovered.

50. Builder miscalculates completion date of new home.

51. Builder has too many cost overruns.

52. Final inspection on new home does not pass.

53. Seller does not appear for closing and won’t sign papers.

The OTHER Realtor(s):

54. Have no client control over sellers.

55. Delays access to property for inspection and appraisals.

56. Unfamiliar with their client’s financial position – do they have enough

equity to sell, etc.

57. Does not get completed paperwork to the lender in time.

58. Inexperienced in this type of property transaction.

59. Takes unexpected time off during transaction and can’t be reached.

60. Jerks around other parties to the transaction – has huge ego.

61. Does not do sufficient homework on their clients or the property and

wastes everyone’s time.

The Property:

62. Engineer will not approve septic system or well.

63. Inspection report reveals substantial damage and seller is not willing to

fix or repair.

64. Home was misrepresented as to size and condition.

65. Home is destroyed prior to closing.

66. Home not structurally sound.

67. Home is uninsurable for homeowner’s insurance.

68. Property incorrectly zoned.

69. Portion of home sits on neighbor’s property.

70. Unique home and comparable properties for appraisal difficult to find.

The Escrow/Title Company:

71. Fails to notify lender/agents of unsigned or unreturned documents.

72. Fails to obtain information from beneficiaries, lien holders, insurance

companies, or lenders in a timely manner.

73. Lets principals leave town without getting all necessary signatures.

74. Loses or incorrectly prepares paperwork.

75. Does not pass on valuable information quickly enough.

76. Does not coordinate well, so that many items can be done


77. Does not bend the rules on small problems.

78. Does not find liens or any title problems until the last minute.

The Appraiser:

79. Is not local and misunderstands the market.

80. Is too busy to complete the appraisal on schedule.

81. No comparable sales are available.

82. Is not on the lender’s “approved list.”

83. Makes important mistakes on appraisal and brings in value too low.

84. Lender requires a second or “review” appraisal.


85. Too “picky” with conditions and “scares” the buyer.

86. Infuriates the seller.

87. Home inspector not available when needed.

88. Inspection reports alarm buyer and sale is cancelled. (Biggest Problem I Have seen)

If you want smooth sailing during your real estate transaction, and a pilot who can bring you in for a safe, smooth landing, trust the Conti Team.

Paul & Ginger Conti   916-677-7446

We have a ton of information to help a buyer or seller.

Homeowner- “30 Questions to Ask Any Realtor Before Signing Anything”

Homeowner- “28 Facts Every Struggling Homeowner Should Know”

Homeowner- “10 Options to Avoid Foreclosure”

Home Buyer- “10 things you should not do when buying a home”

Home Buyer- “Common Myths About Working with Real Estate Agents”

What our clients say:

Paul is a 30+ year seasoned real estate professional who has his client’s best interest at heart. His expertise is unmatched, and his personality is very warm and friendly. Give him the opportunity to win your business and you won’t regret it. Mark S – Citrus Heights

I put my home in the hands of Paul & Ginger Conti and went on vacation and when I came back 10 days later the home sold for more than I wanted. Seth FSBO – Rocklin Ca

We had our home on the market once and nothing happened. My Realtor just wanted to keep lowering the price. And we never had many people come to see our home. But after we listed with the Conti Team, we had 60 couple on one open house two days in a roll. It was amazing. And when the offers came in, we couldn’t believe it. I think we had 12 bids. Jim B- Rocklin Ca

Paul and Ginger were outstanding, thorough, very knowledgeable, creative, and was present through the whole selling process. We highly recommend them. James G- Carmichael Ca

Besides being professionals Paul & Ginger make every effort to make you feel like you are their only clients with such personal attention. Good people and great attention to details.  Mike B.

I’ve known Paul and Ginger for some time now and besides being a great guy, he’s a very creative marketer and knows how to get the job done and exceed his client’s expectations! You’ll truly enjoy working with The Conti Team! Steve H.

Paul and Ginger did an outstanding job selling our home. They brought a wealth of experience and advice, patient guidance, technology, and a special thing they do that radically boosted our exposure. They were accessible all the way through the process. I highly recommend them. Chrissy S – Citrus Heights

I have known the Contis for 30 plus year. They are the best of the best. Matt

I have worked with the Conti Team for some time now and they are true professionals and really care about their clients. I have seen their passion for home staging. They are an amazing group. Sara H.

The Conti’s are great people. They are very friendly & helpful in all your needs. Highly recommended!! Moses G.

Really well done! Keep up the good work Conti Real Estate Team! Justin C.

Paul and Ginger Conti sold our house in one day! They are experienced and true professionals! I highly recommend them. Robert J – Citrus Heights

I tried selling myself. After turning it over to the Conti Team I stopped getting all those Realtors from calling and asking to list my home. And all the bargain hunters. I had serval offer and got more than I thought I would get. Ghee that was easy!! Mike- Roseville Ca

If and or when your ready. We would like to add you to this list!

Thank you for taking the time

Paul & Ginger Conti

Year End Tax Newsletter That Will Save YOU a Bundle

One of the first steps in a good outcome is knowing a little bit about what you’re about to undertake.  By being aware of some of the areas regarding homes that may not come up every year in a tax return, you’ll be able to point them out to your tax professional or seek more information from

Look through this list of items for things that could affect your tax return.  Even if you have relied on the same tax professional for years to look out for your best interests, they need to be aware that there could be something different in this year’s return.

If you bought a home for a principal residence last year, check your closing statement and identify any points or pre-paid interest that you or the seller paid based on the mortgage you received.  These can be deducted on your Schedule A as qualified home interest if you itemize your deductions.  See Home Mortgage Interest Deduction | IRS Publication 936 (2018 version not released as of this newsletter).

Keep track of all money you spend on your home that might be considered a capital improvement.  Get in the habit of putting receipts for money spent on your home that is not the house payment or utility bills.  Repairs are not tax deductible but improvements, even small ones, can be added to the basis of your home which can lower the gain when the home is sold.  Years from now, your tax preparer can sift through them and determine whether they’re capital improvements or maintenance. See Increases to Basis | IRS Publication 523 Selling Your Home (2018 version not released as of this newsletter).

By making additional principal contributions with your mortgage payment, you’ll save interest, build equity and shorten the term of a fixed-rate mortgage.  See Equity Accelerator.

If you sold a home last year, the payoff on your old mortgage included interest from the last payment you made to the date of the payoff.  That interest is tax deductible.  You may need a breakdown of the payoff to the mortgage company; you should be able to get that from your closing officer.

If you refinanced your home, unlike a home purchase, points paid to refinance are not deductible as interest in the year paid; they must spread ratably over the life of the mortgage.  See Home Mortgage Interest Deduction | IRS Publication 936 (2018 version not released as of this newsletter).

For homeowners who have lost a spouse, there is an exception regarding the exclusion on the sale of a principal residence.  If the surviving spouse concludes a sale of the home within two years of the death of their spouse, they may exclude up to $500,000, instead of $250,000 for single taxpayers, of gain provided ownership and use tests are met prior to death.

The two-year period begins on the date of death and ends two years after that date.  See Sale of Main Home by Surviving Spouse | IRS Publication 523 Selling Your Home (2018 version not released as of this newsletter).

There could be significant tax consequences to a person selling a home that was received as a gift as compared to receiving the home through inheritance.  With a gift, the basis of the donor becomes the basis of the donee.  With inheritance, the heir usually gets a stepped-up basis and avoids potential unrecognized gain.  See Home Received as Inheritance | IRS Publication 523 Selling Your Home (2018 version not released as of this newsletter).

Click here to download a Homeowners Tax Guide.  This is meant for information purposes only and advice from a qualified tax professional should be sought to find out about your individual situation.

How to Clean Gutters

Most experts recommend cleaning the gutters at least once a year. If you have a lot of trees, it could be more often than that.

The gutters and downspouts on your home are intended to channel rainwater away from your home and its foundation.  When they’re blocked and not functioning properly they can lead to the gutters coming loose, wood rot and mildew, staining of painted surfaces, and even worse, foundation issues or water penetration into the interior of the home.

Most experts recommend cleaning the gutters at least once a year.  More often might be necessary depending on the proximity of leaves and other debris that could collect.

If this is a task that you feel comfortable about tackling yourself, there are few things to consider.  If the debris is dry, it will be easier to clean the gutters.  Safety is important, and precautions should be taken such as using a sturdy ladder and possibly, having someone hold it while you’re on the ladder.

Other useful tools will be a five-gallon plastic bucket to hook on the ladder to hold the debris; work gloves to protect your hands from sharp edges of the gutters; a trowel or scoop and a garden hose with a nozzle.

·         Start by placing the ladder near a downspout for the section of gutter to be cleaned.

·         Remove large debris and put it into the empty bucket. Work away from the downspout toward the other end.

·         When you’re at the end of the gutter, using the water hose and nozzle, spray out the gutter so it will drain to the downspout.

·         If the water doesn’t drain easily, the downspout could be blocked.  Accessing the spout from the bottom with either the hose with nozzle or a plumber’s snake, try to dislodge the blockage.

·         Reattach or tighten any pieces that were removed or loosened while working on the downspout.

·         Flush the gutters a final time, working from the opposite end, as before, toward the downspout.

There are specialized tools at the home improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot that can make this job easier.  Check out their websites and search for “gutter cleaning”.

Home-Selling Checklist: 12 Things to Do Before Selling Your House

Getting ready to sell your house? Then it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work! Selling a home, after all, entails a whole lot more than just planting a “For Sale” sign on your front lawn or uploading a few random photos of your place—especially if you’re angling for the most cash. (And, honestly, who isn’t?)

So before you put your house on the market, peruse this checklist of things you must do in preparation. Some of these tips are surprisingly easy, while others might require a bit more elbow grease. But they’re bound to pay off once buyers start oohing and ahhing over your place—and hopefully ponying up a great offer.

1. Find a great real estate agent

Think you can sell your home yourself, and pocket the cash you would otherwise pay an agent? It can be tempting, especially in a hot market, but resist the urge, says Paul Conti, a real estate consultant with over 40 years experience. He’s found that a “For Sale By Owner”transaction is almost always a disaster, leading you to sacrifice both money and time.

2. Consider your curb appeal

Make sure the first thing a buyer sees of your home entices them to want to see more. Yes, for better or worse, buyers do tend to judge a book by its cover. By investing some effort in easy fixes like planting colorful flowers and repainting your front door, the outside of your house can beckon them to come on in. Find the details on page 7 in Gingers book “The Art of Home Staging”

3. Declutter living areas

Less is definitely more when it comes to getting your house ready to show, notes Ginger Conti author of the book ” The Art of Home Staging”  

Do a clean sweep of counters, windowsills, tables, and all other visible areas, and then tackle behind closed doors: closets, drawers, and cupboards—since virtually nothing is off-limits for curious buyers. And if the house is overflowing with stuff, they might worry that the house won’t have ample space for their own belongings.

Take the excess and donate or pack it up for a storage space. The bonus to taking care of this now is that it’s one less chore you’ll have to do when it’s actually time to move.

4. Depersonalize your space

The next step on your declutter list? You want to remove distractions so the buyers can visualize themselves and their family living in the property, says Ginger Conti, a real estate stager and found of home staging with the Conti Real Estate Team.

She says that includes personal items and family photos, as well as bold artwork and furniture that might make your home less appealing to the general public. The goal is to create a blank canvas on which house hunters can project their own visions of living there, and loving it.

5. Repaint walls to neutral tones

You might love that orange accent wall, but if it’s your potential buyer’s least favorite color, that could be a turnoff, warns Sharapan Fabrikant.

“You’re pretty safe with nuteral colors because it’s rare that someone hates it, but the other benefit is that a light color allows [buyers] to envision what the walls would look like with the color of their choice,” he points out.

6. Touch up any scuff marks

Even if you’re not doing a full-on repainting project, pay special attention to scrubbing and then touching up baseboards, walls, and doors to make the house sparkle and look cared-for.

7. Fix any loose handles

A small thing, sure, but you’d be surprised by the negative effect a loose handle or missing light bulb can have on a buyer. “It can make them stop and think, ‘What else is broken here?’”

8. Add some plants

Green is good, because plants create a more welcoming environment. You might also want to consider a bouquet of flowers or bowl of fruit on the kitchen counter or dining table.

9. Conduct a smell test

Foul odors, even slight ones, can be a deal breaker, and the problem is that you might not even notice them, says Ginger Conti. She recommends inviting an unbiased third party in to try to detect any pet smells or lingering odors from your kitchen.

If the smells are pervasive, you might need to do some deep cleaning, because many buyers are on to your “masking techniques” such as candles or plug-in room deodorizers.

10. Clean, clean, clean

And then clean some more. You want your property to look spotless Take special care with the bathroom, making sure the tile, counters, shower, and floors shine.

11. Hide valuables

From art to jewelry, make sure that your treasures are out of sight, either locked up or stored offsite, recommends Kronkite.

12. Consider staging

Does your home scream 1985? Nothing invigorates a house like some new furnishings or even just a perfectly chosen mirror. The key is getting your home staged by a professional. Home stagers will evaluate the current condition and belongings in your house and determine what elements might raise the bar. They might recommend you buy or rent some items, or they might just reorganize your knickknacks and bookshelves in a whole new (that is, better) way.

30 Powerful and insightful Questions to Ask A Real Estate Agent Before You Sign Anything!!

30 Powerful and insightful Questions to Ask A

Real Estate Agent Before You Sign Anything!!!


  1. How many years have you been in the real estate business?
  2. How many homes have you sold in your career? Can you prove it? How does that

relate to the statistics of the National Association of Realtor?

  1. What is your educational background before your real estate career?
  2. Do you offer any guarantees? What are they?
  3. Do you have any testimonial letters from previous clients I can see?
  4. Can I call some of your past clients?
  5. What kind of experience and training do you have in negotiating?
  6. Can I get out of the listing if I’m not pleased with your services? Without a hassle?
  7. Do you have a WRITTEN Marketing Plan for marketing my property? Can I have a copy?
  1. May I see your resume?
  2. Where does your company rank among other companies in the area?
  3. Are you a member of the National Association of Realtors? Are you a member of the local Board of Realtors? Why should that be important to me?
  1. Are you a member of the mls? What is that? How will that help me?
  2. Does your company have a well-known logo that people would quickly recognize in order to bring more and quicker attention to my home?
  1. Is your company large or small? Does that make a difference to me? How?
  2. Will you work with me if I am not referred by someone?
  3. Do you stay in touch with me from the beginning of the listing until the closing? How often?   In what way?

18. Do you personally spend money on advertising? Does your company spend money on               advertising?  Where? How often?

  1. How” High tech” is your business? Do you have your own computer? How many computers do you have in your office? How advanced are your software programs?
  1. Do you advertise through the Home Hotline 800# service?
  2. Does your company advertise electronic classified ads? What are they? How or why is that a benefit to me?
  1. What support do you have in place?
  2. Do your” For Sale” signs stand out and draw attention so that potential purchasers driving by will notice them and take down the phone number? How are they different?
  1. Do you do anything to prepare a house for the market? What? At No Extra charge?
  2. Do you have a plan for marketing within as well as outside of the real estate profession? What is it?
  1. How much time and money are you willing to invest in telemarketing to the homeowners in this area to find out if they know someone who would like to live in my neighborhood?
  1. Do you do Open Houses? What kind? How do you maximize their effectiveness?
  2. Do you offer a FREE home repair service? Do you prepare flyers on my home?
  3. Do you do Direct Mailings about my property? To whom? How many? How often?
  4. Will you personally be there when contracts are presented to handle all the negotiations?

     Courtesy of PAUL & GINGER CONTI   Realty ONE Complete 916-677-7446

          Since 1977

Finally, The Truth About Why Your Home Didn’t Sell

Do you know the difference between passive selling and active marketing? Until you do, you won’t even have a chance of selling in today’s market

Dear Home Seller,

Based on information obtained from the Multiple Listing Service, it has come to the attention of hundreds of real estate agents that your home is no longer available for sale, and your phone is probably ringing off the hook with calls from agents who promise to do a better job and have the formula to get your home sold if you only give them a chance.  And I bet you’re asking yourself…

Where were all these agents 90 days ago?

It’s a fair question.

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t all that simple.

The most common answer you’ll hear is “your price is too high.”  And while that is sometimes the case, it is only one of many possible reasons which may be responsible for your home not selling during its original listing period.

You may feel, deep down, that a lot more could have been done…

Let me just say this: I am absolutely certain that your agent did everything he or she knew to do in order to get your home sold.  Chances are they did their level best.  Would it surprise you to learn it may not be the agent’s fault at all?  But it’s certainly not your fault either, is it?

Here’s what I mean.  Things have changed and so have the strategies used in marketing real estate.  Do you know the difference between passive selling and active, innovative marketing?

Passive selling is what we used to do in real estate.  Put up a sign, place the property on the Multiple Listing Service and wait for the Buyer to come to us.  And if that didn’t work we might hold an Open House or place an ad in the newspaper.  Sound familiar?

Or we call it the three Ps.   Put on the market.  Put a sign up. Pray that someone will come.

These methods simply are not enough in today’s marketplace.  I’ll bet that no one knows that better than you at this point.

Now, as for active, innovative marketing, in a nutshell this is the type of marketing that is working.

It requires you or your agent to actively and aggressively seek out, hunt down and draw out the most likely buyer for your home.  The targeted buyer if you will.  The targeted buyer (which is always the right buyer) will pay the most money for your home.


Because they’re the one person that appreciates and is looking for what you were when you bought. They would have probably made the same improvements you did.  Therefore everything you’ve done to the home has value to them.  Makes a lot of sense doesn’t it?

So, passive selling is waiting and hoping.  Active marketing on the other hand is the exact opposite.  It is making things happen by taking action that produces results.

After all, results are the only things that count.

So the question becomes how in the heck do we make things happen?

Well, to start with you need to do things a lot  different. Something “out of the ordinary”.  You see, by doing things differently your home will get noticed!  Realize that your home is competing against some 3,000 Properties that are for sale Right Now.


                    What we have no one has!

We spend thousands per month on marketing our clients properties.

  1. We have  staff who calls areas looking for buyers 4 hours a day 5 days a week.
  2. We list 5 to 10 homes a week. Most Realtors would list 9 to 12 a year.
  3. With all our listings, we get thousands of calls from buyers.

We have several more marketing tools, and we would love to share them with you.

There is a reason we are one of the Top Real Estate Team in Sacramento and Placer counties.

That’s why it is absolutely critical to realize whether you hire us, another agent, or sell your home yourself, that in today’s world we are all exposed to almost 1,000 messages to buy or sell everyday therefore it is vitally important that you implement the most active, innovative and aggressive marketing efforts you can or hire someone who can! We can and we are doing it.  We take out all the worry and you get your home SOLD.

About now you may be wondering why doesn’t everyone do this type of marketing. We really don’t know, other than awareness.

Active marketing is what will get your home sold for the most money, in the quickest amount of time, and with the least amount of hassle to you.

Depending on how fat you want your home sold. We have one marketing system that we will guarantee to get you multiple offers in 10 days or less or we will pay you $500.  We call it our sell it fast and sell it for more program.  Maybe its too fast for you? We can explain this program to you.

 You Don’t Have To Wait Until Next Spring…

 …or for interest rates to drop

…or for consumer confidence to return, or the deficit to disappear

…or for any of the other earth shattering events to occur…

… To Sell Your Home…

 If you are really serious about selling your home… if you really want it sold for the most money, in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of headache and hassle call us.

We would be happy to drop by and share with you everything we know and exactly what it will take to get your home sold.

If you decide to hire us for the job, great.  If not, at least you’ll have enough information to make an informed decision.

We imagine if we were in your position we’d feel like the last thing we wanted to do was talk to another real estate agent, and you really aren’t alone.  Fact is, some of our most satisfied customers have felt the same way you’re feeling right now.

Like you, they had a very disheartening experience attempting to sell their home the first time around using the “conventional” marketing methods, the “traditional” real estate selling techniques that worked fine in the 80’s and 90’s but are simply not enough in the year 2017 and behold.

And you know what they found?  That as they think back, it all started  with the first step.  They picked up the phone because what we were telling them made perfect sense.  Most people recognize the truth when they hear it.

Over and over again we hear this: “We almost didn’t call you Paul & Ginger.  It scares me to think about where we would be right now if we hadn’t.  Thank you for helping us get what we needed so that we could finally get on with our lives

Please, Do Not Relist Your Home Until You

Meet With Us And Get All The Information You Need.

 It only takes a few minutes, doesn’t cost you a dime, and we  promise to keep our time together short, factual, and very, very informative.  Maybe even entertaining!   (No guarantees on that one!)

Speaking of guarantees… let me ask you: Did your previous agent offer you a guarantee?  Not that your home would sell – that’s impossible – but, rather, in the event you were not absolutely, 100% satisfied with their service, with them actually doing everything they promised they would do – did they offer you a guarantee that if you weren’t satisfied, for whatever reason, you could cancel the listing agreement?  No if’s, and’s or but’s about it? We DON’ T sign a long-term agreement and we can explain to you how our service couldn’t not cost you a dime in some cases. You’re in control. Fair enough?

We also ad this feature!

You see, we don’t believe that as a professional – we should have to resort to “locking” someone into a long-term-deal without any way for you to terminate or fire them if the job isn’t getting done.

If we say we  are  going to do something – then by all means, we should be held accountable for doing it, shouldn’t we?

We think so.

After all, results are what count.


You can’t take promises to the bank.  (Well, you can but what good will it do ya?)

And you certainly can’t cash an equity check with good looks and sales hype.

You need action.  Action that ends with results.  The results you want and need.  Anything short of that just isn’t enough.

Fair enough?  We’re up for the challenge.

So let us suggest that you hop up right now (not later) and

give us a call at 916-677-7446.

We’re not long-winded (thank goodness).  It’ll only take about 15-20 minutes.   If it takes longer than that, it will only be because you have more questions.  Fair enough?

Well, we hope we’ve got you thinking…

If so, then we’ve done our job.

Most people don’t think at a time like this – they panic.  They react.

You’re different.  You’ve taken a proactive stance.

How do we know?

That’s easy… you’ve read this letter (and that took a bit of your valuable time).

If you can do that, then you certainly can pick up the phone and call us, can’t you?

What’s the worst thing that could happen…we spend a few minutes learning?

Last we heard…that was good!

So go ahead.  Call us  while everything is fresh on your mind. 1-916-677-7446.

We are waiting for your call!

 We’re  sure you have plenty of questions.

Let’s talk.


Paul & Ginger Conti

Serving the community for over 40 years

Realty ONE Complete



“Serving the Area for 38 Years”

P.S.  If you have already listed with another agent, please disregard this letter.

It is not  meant to be a solicitation.

P.S.S.  Remember it won’t take a heck of a lot of time to explain our step-by-step marketing system in detail.  Where we go from there (if anywhere) is totally up to you.  No pressure.  No hassle.  Free information.  Call

How Home Staging Can Help You Net More, Sell Faster And Avoid Wasting Money On Unnecessary Repairs!


The  biggest mistake is home owners are not using the services of a Home Stager. Oh, sure their home might look so so. But it’s like apples and oranges. Home Staging will get a seller 5 to 10% more and a faster sale.

How do we know?

We are the founders of Home Staging in 1997.  We have the proof with personal experiences after  staging and selling over 550 homes  in an average of 18 days. Many of these homes had been on the market with other Realtors. Some were on the market up to  one year.  We relisted the homes and staged them and things changed very fast. An 18 days average sales time and we never reduced the price. No one knew what home staging was. We have so many stories.

Staging Success Stories

Staging Story #1  One home owner wanted to remodel their kitchen and spend $30,000. We said no. We staged the home and it sold with multiple offers.

Staging Story #2  A funny one was a home owner came home after stopping for a drink with friends when she came into her home, she thought she was in the wrong house . We had staged it while she was at work.

Staging Story #3  We put a vacant home on the market and a few agents showed it before we staged it.  After we staged it the same agents had gone back and called us and said “What did you do to this place its looks so much better”

Staging Story #4  We got a call from a home owner who was wanting to sell. They told us that they wanted to complete  a to do list before we came over. We told them we should come over now. After we did we cut their to do list down to a few things. They saved time and money we staged it and it sold for more than they asked for. This has been a problem with many home owners. They over improve and spend unnecessary money. 

We still get calls from agents wanting to know if we have any new listings coming up because they love to show our listings.

We have helped home owners cut their to do list down to very small tasks. Many home owners are doing too much improvement and are spending unnecessary  time and money. We help them with this when we visit the home.

Now time has gone by.  Since then after Ginger wrote the book “The Art of Home Staging” many stagers have read he book and have started a staging business.  And time has given proof with surveys that the National Association of Realtors have done. Which we knew from our own experience in the beginning.

Below is the results from the surveys by the National association of Realtors and Zillow

In a 2015 survey of 3,500 homes professionally staged, over 50% sold for 10% MORE than their unstaged neighbors

When a seller spent an average of 1% of the value of their home on staging they saw an average of 1000% return on investment.

In our recent Real Estate Staging Association survey, professionally staged homes spent 72% less time on the market.

In a 2015 National Association of Realtors survey, over 81% of buyers said it was easier to visualize a staged property as their next home.

According to the national Association of Realtors, over 95% of buyers are online FIRST looking at photos of homes BEFORE they go visit or call an agent.

If you can’t view objectively, you can’t package effectively and it’s nearly impossible for a seller to be objective about their home.

According to the National Association of Realtors, almost a third of buyers will “overlook property faults when a home is professionally staged”

You will have the satisfaction of knowing you have done everything possible to get a quick sale and not leave money on the table.

According to a 2015 Zillow survey of real estate experts, home staging was listed as a TOP TWO necessary item for sellers!

call us and let us come by and help you with your to do list. And tell you what you do and don’t need to do. You will be happy you did. Why not work with the founder and expert with over 40 years Real Estate Experience.

Paul & Ginger Conti Realtor/Stager 916-677-7446

 FREE- When you list with us our expert staging services an ($2,367 value) 

Get a Download copy of “The Art of Home Staging” Click HERE  

Seniors Helping Seniors !

We Care And That’s Why We Do What We Do!

Who Are We?                     

We are seniors who care about others. We have spent most our lifes helping people. Our years of experience has given us wisdom and know how to help in many ways. We have been married for over 50 years and we have grand kids. We visit nursing homes and connect with seniors several times a week. We listen to what they have to say and stay on top of needs and wants.

Seniors Real Estate Specialist – SRES

Paul & Ginger Conti

We have full access to the following to help in any way with referrals as requested..
Adult Day Centers
Affordable Housing
Alzheimer’s or Dementia
Veteran Benefits
General Information
Area Agencies on Aging
In-Home Care
Care Giver Resources
Legal – Elder Law
Senior Move Manager
Nursing Home Locator
Real Estate Specialist
Senior Care Manager

How things work when its time to move. Here is an example on how we helped a family.

Professionals Make Moving Easier & Faster

Moving from a long-time residence does not need to be overwhelming or lengthy. By engaging professionals you can increase efficiency, minimize stress, benefit from expert advice and move quickly. One of our clients was in their new home 27 days after making the decision to move.

Below is the timeline of a move by one couple. They had lived in their home over 40 years and had contemplated moving to be closer to their sons in two or three years. We supplied them with suggestions for senior communities 8 days prior to this timeline. Then, after a fall in the garden, a trip to the emergency room and a sore knee, moving sooner started to look more attractive.

The Timeline
This is a summary of their significant moving dates.
Day 1 – The “wake-up” fall occurs.
Day 2 – Toured communities and fell in love with one.
Day 5 – Consulted again with our specializes regarding resources to facilitate their move.
Day 6 – Met with us who explained the process, timing and market dynamics.
Day 7 – Revisited their favorite community and saw a lovely apartment that was newly available. Put down a deposit.
Day 8 – Signed listing agreement with us.
Day 9 – Introduced a move management company, which signed an agreement with them to help with packing, moving and clean-up. For the next few days the move manager came to the house to pack and sort items that were then shipped to their children and
to the new apartment.
Day 27 – Moved into their new apartment.
Elapsed time was 27 days from the decision to move until the actual move-in.
Day 30 – Move management company finishes cleaning all remaining items from the house.
Days 33-43 – Crew, supervised by us, did painting, landscaping and staging of the home and it is offered for sale.
Day 54 – The house was sold and entered into escrow.
Day 71 – Escrow closed.

So, how quickly can a move occur? In this case 71 days from the day they decided to move this couple received the proceeds from the sale of their home and they had already made new friends, found a new hiking trail, and were spending their time engaging and enjoying life instead of raking the leaves in their former yard.

And in their own words, “We both agree, we are very glad we made the effort to move while we were still healthy. Our move to a very comfortable, independent living retirement apartment works.”

Call us anytime for a FREE consultation
Paul  & Ginger Conti –Realtor

40 Years Experience
Seniors Real Estate Specialist – SRES


Rocklin,  Ca

Our 50 Year Story…

How to Beat Home-Seller Stress

Time to sell your home?

Of all the things you own, your home probably stirs up your emotions more than anything else.

The day you bought it, you felt happy and relieved and pained all at once—you loved your new house, and the search was finally over, but wow, that was a lot of money! When an appliance died or the roof sprung a leak, you felt frustrated. The compliments you received on your redecorating made you proud.

And the day you decide to sell, you feel every emotion under the sun.

As a home seller, you try your hardest to be practical and see your home through buyers’ eyes. But let’s be honest—that probably stings a little bit! What you call charming quirks they call imperfections in need of repair. And then your emotions surface.

Practical, shmactical—you’re feeling sentimental, darn it!

Here’s what’s going on: A lot of those emotions can be traced to pride. You’ve grown attached to your home, no matter how much you’re ready to move on. It’s a reflection of you, after all! You’ve spent years making memories in it and decorating it in a way that expresses who you are. And to you, those things are priceless. So it’s easy to take criticism personally.

Here’s how to make that happen:

Know that it’s normal to feel some attachment to your home, but don’t allow that attachment to lead to overpricing. An overpriced home will turn away buyers before they even have a chance to look at it. And those who do like what they see will probably put in a more reasonable offer anyway. Instead of overpricing, focus on bringing out the best your home has to offer to get the best price possible: Make simple repairs, clean it until it shines, and stage it well! Then work with a real estate pro to find an asking price that’s fair.

When the criticism starts rolling in, remember that it’s not personal. Lower-than-expected offers and contract negotiations that request repairs are normal, so don’t take offense or assume those offers aren’t serious. If you hold out for a higher offer or one that doesn’t ask for as many concessions, you might be waiting forever! A real estate pro can help you navigate stress and negotiate a deal both you and your buyer can be happy with.

A successful home sale means you and your family can get on with  your life—in a new house that you can make your home.

We are and would be happy to help you in anyway.

Our 38 years experience ( Experience brings profit)

We have sold over 1,000 homes. Yes we know how to get things done.

Our marketing is the most highest and best in all of Sacramento and Placer county

NO one can give you these skills. No One!

Call Paul & Ginger Conti – 916-677-7446  Text or Call Today

Senior Team Members

Keller Willaims- Tom Daves Team

Here is our marketing program..

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